Artistic Surfaces 100% waterproof.

For large scale architectural projects!

Versatile to handle a project of any size and demand.

Our possibilities became limitless!

The Agate, our best seller, forever and ever!

100% handmade...

…by Italian hands!

Where weight is not a problem!

Light up your imagination...

…with our Backlit Art Panels!

Custom made book matched.

We aim to deliver art on a new frontier...

…of innovation and passion walking side by side!

FENDI chose us!


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Breathtaking Artistic Designs for Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces,
handmade with love!

Interior designing fuses with awe-inspiring artistry!

A careful fusion of photographic and digital images, with hand processed materials results in groundbreaking artistic pieces being developed for the world to see.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”.
“To live art as it has never been lived until now, taking it where it has never been before with passion and innovation”.

Art Goes Global

These panels are available globally. Operating primarily from Italy and the United States, they are shipped across continents. Being delivered to an international array of clients has allowed these panels to become incredibly versatile. They adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of a global audience.

Giving New Meaning to Art

There are many ways to define what art is. But this may be the very first time it has crossed onto the interior designing world.
Previously art and interior design were often mutually exclusive. Adding artistic flair to an infrastructure required building it from the ground up with that intention. But that has now changed. With these artistic surfaces, you can enjoy the amazing versatility. These can be installed and appreciated in any location, weather or temperature.

Oozing with Passion

These decorative art panels are custom made to meet the needs and requirements of the client. Everything from the color, to the size and design is made with passion and to impress!
Offering the client the rare opportunity to actively share in the creative process with the artist, our new Decorative Art Panels are custom made to meet clients requirements in terms of size, color, and finish.


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